Monday Morning Mind Meld – 4/13/20

Aside from binging season 3 of Ozark on Netflix, here’s a few things that have been occupying my mind this past week.

  • Book: “The Rosie Project” (Amazon) Highly recommended by Bill Gates several years ago, I recently picked up this book and kept coming coming back to it as I identified parts of myself in “Don” the genetics professor. The first book of three in the Don Tillman series, I look forward to the checking out the rest of the series.
  • Podcast: The Tim Ferriss Show – Dr. Vivek Murthy (, Spotify) A timely conversation from former Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy on COVID-19 and the rise of loneliness as we physically and socially distance ourselves from the world around us.
  • Article: NY Times “Lessons in Constructive Solitude From Thoreau” ( Constructive Solitude as Thoreau referred to his time in a small cabin on Walden Pond became a time for reflection and creation. I wouldn’t call binge watching “Tiger King” a waste of time, but we should all weave in some self development in this time we are given.

“We must first succeed alone, that we may enjoy our success together.” -Henry David Thoreau

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