Carrollton’s Festival at the Switchyard

Photos from the third annual Carrollton Festival at the Switchyard

Last Saturday was the third annual Festival at the Switchyard in Historic Old Downtown Carrollton which has become an event that I look forward to each year.

Videofest Expanded Cinema

This year marked the 25th anniversary of Videofest and to start off the fest that was held this year at the Dallas Museum of Art was a program called “Expanded Cinema.”

Woot Arduino Printer

I recently bought the Ardunio inventors kit from Sparkfun to play around with the Arduino and I’ve been looking for a project to make with it when I saw DangerousPrototypes Thermal Twitter Printer based on their web platform. I thought that I could build upon that and use the Arduino and add and LCD to it.
Enter the finished product

It uses the Arduino, Arduino Ethernet Sheild, a serial enabled LCD, and thermal printer from Sparkfun. It works by scraping a couple of twitter rss feeds and outputting the results. The LCD parses the @wootoff twitter account and formats the results to start with the price. It checks for updates about every minute. In my next version I’d like to add a last call notification to the display.

The printer works in a simpler function and pulls tweets from the @wootchatter account that are also displayed on Woot’s community forum. I use several variables to save the last printed tweet and check it each time that the rss feed is parsed to make sure that it is not printing the same tweet every minute. In the next version I’d like to make some better formatting of the tweets to make them more readable and stand out more.

Arcade Fire at Gexa Energy Pavilion

Last night I went to see Arcade Fire play at the Gexa Energy Pavilion that used to be called the Center , the Smirnof music center before that and the Coca-cola starplex amphitheater before that. This was the first time that I ever went there to see a show and walking around kinda gives me the feeling of being at the state fair with many of the same iconic fair concessions being deep-fried all around the venue. The stormy weather that rolled through the area just before the gates opened kept most people off the lawn area and under the mostly water proof roof that covers the seats at the Gexa Energy Pavilion.

In the last six years since Arcade Fire last played in Dallas at the much smaller venue Trees they have received several Grammy awards and have seen an explosion in popularity with their 2006 album Neon Bible and their 2010 followup The Suburbs. Opening acts for Arcade Fire were Schmillion and Okkervil River; both from Austin. I didn’t hear much of Schmillion but I really liked Okkervil River and will be getting their new album when it comes out on May 10th.

Arcade Fire’s set was an energetic line up of the hits that the crowd would riot if they didn’t play and a nice mix of deeper cuts and newer songs off the latest album. There really wasn’t a “time to go pee” song in their lineup and carried the energy through their final song Wake Up from their 2004 debut album.

Arcade Fire lead singer Win Butler told stories about missing ‘warm rain’ that he remembered from growing up in Huston being reminded by the warm rain that blew through Saturday afternoon during sound check. He also talking about going to a French restaurant with his wife and band member Regine and seeing Dallas Mavs player Tyson Chandler coming in to eat  dinner and asking the waitress about the dishes that they served then saying ‘no thanks’ and walking out. Who doesn’t love a good crepe?

Starring At The Bar

Now that I have some stability in my life, I’ve been thinking and wanting to spend more of my time and attention on the things in life that I am truly passionate about. It’s mostly nerdy things, wanting to blog more and start yet another podcast or three, get back into computer programming, maybe learn an instrument like piano or how to play the guitar that i got for Christmas years ago, gathering dust in the corner.
I get inspired by great content and the people that are behind it, but at the same time, while listening to great audio podcasts like Radiolab, I imagine the eight year old version of myself starring up at the monkey bars on the school playground; the bars seemed just out of reach, but at the same time, a lifetime away.

There are great podcast like You Look Nice Today and Radiolab that while listening I am just amazed at the level of production and the amount of time that has to be put into each episode.  There is an almost dibailitating thing by spending too much time watching and listening to everyone else’s work, especially when I’m are just starting out and don’t have a body of work to show, that scares me from taking the first step in creating something of my own. I think of shows like Radiolab and This American Life as the shows that all others are judged by and the little lizard brain that I spend way too much time listening to and following it’s advice has scarred me into inaction much of my life.

I get these fits of energy and focus, where I am able to shut out the voice in my head and actually create something, anything with my mind and hands. There is usually a process that envolves me buying yet another domain name in hopes that this time (about the 70th time) that I will actually make something and keep up with it. A podcast that maybe goes 6 episodes or a new blog with 4 posts is my normal tolerance to stick with something. I feel at times as a litterbug on the internet, littering the web with these scraps of content that exist forever, never to decompose.

This single blog post is something that I have kept coming back to and rewriting for almost a month. Each and every time, starting by reading and deleting most of the words that I somehow thought were good and descent writing on one of my sleepless nights, but I have to come to a point where I can let my work out and let it stand for me, and in a way that is a very vulnerable thing.  Maybe I should just click publish.

Foursquare & Gowalla Need City Managers

It has been almost a year since geolocation services like Fourspare and Gowalla came into the iPhones of nerds (myself included) that made the annual pilgrimage to Austin Texas for South by Southwest Interactive. The Austin based Gowalla had a significant marketing presence at last year’s conference while Foursquare was stronger out of the gate, being the must have app for SXSWers looking for the hot parties and the who’s who’s of the tech world each night and filling out their badge sashes with the all-night benders that are a SXSW staple. Gowalla picked up steam throughout last year, and now many people (myself and most of my friends) use both apps whenever they remember to check-in somewhere.

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Buddypress 1.2 Comes Out

Buddypress is a great plugin (and to say it’s just a plugin is to demean it somewhat) that was originally built for WordPress Mu installations, but the new version 1.2 now works with standard WordPress installations as well. I’ve used Buddypress to build a site I started called and really like the community functionality and built-in forum feature.

With the update to 1.2 also a new default Buddypress theme is released, and I immediately switched over. The new default theme was exactly the look I was going for when I installed Buddypress and tried to squeeze out of the old default theme. The new version is also easier to install and increases the social interaction features with greater support in the activity pane. It incorporates some twitter like features like @username support.

Download it and try for yourself at