So why do a blog about my attempt to loose weight?
I’ve tried and tried many different times to get on the bandwagon and loose wight with varying degrees of success, but nothing that was a huge improvement and lasting. I have stayed away from the crazy diet of the month books and supplements always saying to myself knowing that the only way to get the weight off and keep it off it to make changes to my diet and exercise more or actually exercise at all.  I now find myself at my worse weight wise, barely having any clothes that I can fit into anymore and I can see the future that is in store for myself without the help of a crystal ball and that future on the path that I am headed is not a good one.  A future ahead filled with health problems minor and major and lets just face it, I’m not happy, plain and simple, and while the meaty juiciness of a double cheeseburger makes me feel good for a while, it does nothing to make large positive changes in my life.  I had some reservations from the beginning, worried about public opinion, but I realized that the only way that I loose in this endeavor is to not try. I know I can do this and having the power of the Internet to keep me honest this is a goal that is easily within my grasp.  I thought about how I would react to the people that would be negative and discouraging and I realized that they will only encourage me to crush it and prove them wrong.

Why Now?

The idea for dropthex.com has been around in my head for at least six months now.  I keep falling into the trap of saying that I’m too busy and to just put things off until tomorrow.  In that time there has been a lot of technology tools that I can use to help track my progress and from a nerd’s standpoint it’s kinda just cool to put all these things together in a project that I want to do.