Mardi Gras Run

Last Saturday Summer and I volunteered at the Mardi Gras Run benefiting Captain Hopes Kids a North Texas non-profit organization committed to helping fill the needs of homeless children in North Texas. Captain Hopes Kids helps through providing resources to its 42 member homeless service providers. Each week Captain Hopes Kids distributes more than 5,000 diapers as well as many other essentials. Summer and I went down to volunteer and help out. We helped put up some banners and then went out to assist as some of the coveted “course monitors” whose main purpose was cheering on the runners and making sure they all were going the right way. I soon found out that my cheering skills need some honing as “we got spirit, yes we do, we got spirit, how bout you?” grew very tiresome.

How does one improve with my awesome cheer skills such as sporatic clapping and the occasional half hearted “whoo?” I’ll tell you how, buy Netflix’n all of the “Bring it On” DVD’s. Yes that’s right, Hollywood found it in their infinite wisedom to create not one, not two, but three sequels to the box office money machine “Bring it On” franchise. I wait with bells on and baited breath for the day a fifth film makes its straight to Dvd.

But I digress, the Mardi Gras Run benefits a great charity, Captain Hope’s Kids and the Mardi Gras parade that follows is even bigger with this year being the first for MystiQal the namesake for the big party in victory plaza. MystiQal is just another in the line of big events in the victory development that gives people another reason to go downtown. I definitaly had a good time volunteering at the Mardi Gras Run and look forward to next year.

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