Lessons I learned from Guitar Hero and Rockband

So following CES and the whole downfall of HD DVD with the announcement of Warner choice of Blu-ray in the high def disc battle I had to buy a PS3 and jump on the blu-ray bandwagon. I like my HD DVD player but there have been some deal breaking titles like the Simpson’s movie and “live free or die hard” that have been only on blu-ray. The PS3 is great and when I’m not watching movies or playing games I have the Folding at home program running which is blazingly fast on the cell processor in the PS3, it way out paces my duo core dell server.

So being the proud owner of a PS3 and an Amazon Prime customer I had to purchase Guitar Hero 3. It took me a couple hours to get down how to play and get past my cramping left hand. I finished the game on easy after three days leaving the huger of guitar stardom that could only be satisfied with Rockband. My sick guitar skills are humbled by my constant sucking playing drums on rockband. For a white guy I have some rhythm but I lack the very basic skills to finish even the easiest song on rockband. Perhaps my rock skills will increase if I get some gloves with the fingers cut off and a mullet wig.

Is it Christmas yet?

I’m not sure why I’m excited for Christmas this year, whether it is the fact that I have no idea what I’m getting or the prospect of getting up at 4:30 am and going to work and collecting some double overtime but I’m excited for Christmas to get here. All of my Christmas is done and I’m waiting on the last of the Amazon.com gift wrapped stuff to show up on Monday. Aside from the stuff that I bought through amazon and shucked out the 3.99 for gift wrapping(well worth it in my mind) everything else is just sitting around waiting to be hastily wrapped after I get home from work on Monday just to be ripped open mere minutes later.

iTouch Update

After almost a week with my I new ipod touch I have really fallen in love with it. It is a great way to watch video podcast and half hour shows.